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Bike Maintenance

Bought some stuff to maintain my bike:

  • This season I plan to ride mostly on asphalt roads so I bought new set of slick tires to replace mountain bike style tires.
  • Crank Puller -- to fix the stucked chain. Crank Puller
  • Bicycle Tire Levers.

I'm thinking about buying a bicycle trainer to do workouts in winter months and when it rains, but they are expensive.


Awesome news, me and my friends are goind to Cuba for two weeks!
Cuba, Image credit: NASA

I want a new bike

Man new bicyles are expensive. Since my mountain bike is not a really a proper bike for city, and I want to ride faster, I've decided to buy a new bike.

I think that I need a road bike or a cyclocross bike. Cyclocross bike is a hybrid between road bike and a mountain bike. It has a frame of a road bike with tires that are appropriate for light off-road use. And that is pretty much what I want.

Right now I see two candidates:
MEC Côte

MEC Côte

and Giant Anyroad 1

Giant Anyroad 1

Both a very expensive: Côte costs 1350.00CAD and Anyroad costs 1,269.

Both bikes cost about the same, and have quality components

I will probably buy an Anyroad'er because it has two sets of breaks on the handlebar, I think it would be conviniet - no need to move hands to break.

UPDATE: Trek CrossRip $1349.
Trek CrossRip

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Life is good