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Awesome news, me and my friends are goind to Cuba for two weeks!
Cuba, Image credit: NASA

I want a new bike

Man new bicyles are expensive. Since my mountain bike is not a really a proper bike for city, and I want to ride faster, I've decided to buy a new bike.

I think that I need a road bike or a cyclocross bike. Cyclocross bike is a hybrid between road bike and a mountain bike. It has a frame of a road bike with tires that are appropriate for light off-road use. And that is pretty much what I want.

Right now I see two candidates:
MEC Côte

MEC Côte

and Giant Anyroad 1

Giant Anyroad 1

Both a very expensive: Côte costs 1350.00CAD and Anyroad costs 1,269.

Both bikes cost about the same, and have quality components

I will probably buy an Anyroad'er because it has two sets of breaks on the handlebar, I think it would be conviniet - no need to move hands to break.

UPDATE: Trek CrossRip $1349.
Trek CrossRip

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